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Design Master October 2014 Newsletter

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A Favor, Please: Fill Out My BIM Survey :)

If you haven't filled out my 3D-BIM survey yet, I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to do so now. I promise I won't bug you about this again until next year, because next month I will be publishing the results.

(Editor's Note: The survey has ended.)

Design Master Electrical is “The Right Tool for Our Industry” at Current Electrical Construction Company

Current Electrical Construction Company is a leading design/build electrical contractor serving the Portland, Oregon and southwestern Washington area. Current Electrical has been a Design Master customer since 2004. According to Kieran O’Brien, Vice President of Operations, “It’s one of the most important tools in our arsenal. We use the software for every project where we need to provide a plan.”

Read more about Current Electrical Construction Company.

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