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Design Master November 2015 Newsletter

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Take the Sixth Annual BIM MEP Survey

Last chance to take our building information modeling (BIM) survey. We will be closing the survey in about a week and start putting the results together for next month.

(Editor's Note: The survey has ended.)

You can read the results of last year’s survey here.

At Evans Engineering and Consulting, Design Master Electrical is “By Far the Most Important Tool in My Business”

Evans Engineering and Consulting (E2C) is an electrical engineering firm serving the industrial, commercial, government/municipal, healthcare and institutional sectors. They currently have three full-time and one part-time Design Master Electrical users. Donald Evans, PE, owner/principal, worked with Design Master Electrical for almost a decade at other companies before starting E2C. “When I opened my business I purchased Design Master immediately,” Mr. Evans recalls. “I found it to be an incredibly effective tool and one that is constantly improving.”

Read more about Evans Engineering and Consulting.

Support Articles from the November Archives


How Floating Licenses Work: Information on using floating licenses.
Controlling Ability to Customize Master Schedules: How to control who can make changes to your master database.
How Design Master Sets Layers: Information on how layers are set.


Connecting Ducts Between Floors: How to draw a duct so that airflow values are transferred between floors.
No Outside Air in Building Load Calculations: What to do when there is no outside air or ventilation load in your building load calculations.
Labeling Ducts and Diffusers in Metric: How to label ducts and diffusers using metric units.
100% Outside Air or Ventilation in a Zone: What to do when a zone requires 100% outside air.


COMcheck Lighting Export: How to export information to COMcheck.
Feeder and Service Calculations: How the different panel load calculation methods work
Lighting Calculations: The two ways to calculate lighting loads on panels.
Multiple Circuits Feeding a Piece of Equipment: How to create a piece of equipment connected to multiple circuits.
Updating Homerun Without Loosing Loop Customization: How to redraw your homerun without losing all your manual loop changes.
Switch Rotation in Schedules: How to get switches to rotate correctly in your schedule.

New Wishlist Requests

Below is a list of recent ideas on our wishlist. 

Customers regularly share ideas about what they would like us to add to the software. What we don't know is how many other people are interested in the idea. If you see something that looks interesting to you, vote for it. We prioritize features based upon the number of votes and the difficulty to implement. Knowing whether other people are interested in an idea or not helps us know if we should spend development time on it or on something else.


Voltage Drop in Equipment Schedule
Calculate Voltage Drop for Subset of Project
Custom Transformer Impedance and XR Ratio
Fewer Tick Marks and Circuit Labels on Combined Homeruns
RV Park Branch Circuit Calculations

Electrical RT

Custom Transformer Impedance and XR Ratio