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Design Master April 2017 Newsletter

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Seventh Annual BIM MEP Survey Results

Last year was the seventh year we conducted our annual survey on the use of building information modeling (BIM) by engineers and designers in the MEP industry. We published the results in December but got a little behind in announcing them in our newsletter! Here is what we learned:

Read the complete results article on our website.

For Farris Electric, Design Master Electrical is “By Far the Best Thing We’ve Done for Our Design-Build Model”

Founded in 1974, Farris Electric is among the leading commercial design/build electrical contractors serving the Silicon Valley area. The company purchased Design Master Electrical in 2015. According to Tyler Beck, one of Farris Electric's two principals, they use Design Master for all new projects that require drawings, from the smallest to the largest. “I couldn’t have guessed how much time it was going to save us,” says Mr. Beck. “Getting Design Master is—by far—the single best thing we have done for our design-build model.”

Read more about Farris Electric.

Support Articles from the March and April Archives


Electrical Load Type Explanations: This article translates from settings in Design Master Electrical to sections in the NEC. Use this article when you are working in Design Master Electrical and want to know what section to go to in the NEC.

Feeder and Service Load Calculations: This article translates from sections in the NEC to settings in Design Master Electrical. Use this article when you are reading your NEC and want to know what settings to use in Design Master Electrical.

Minimum Conduit Size: How to set the minimum conduit size for your feeders and branch circuits.

Inserting Fixed Loads Without Using the Mouse: Tips for inserting fixed loads using only your keyboard.

Branch Circuit Using #10 Instead of #12 Wire: Why some branch circuits use #10 wire instead of #12 wire.

New Wishlist Requests

Below is a list of recent ideas on our wishlist. 

Customers regularly share ideas about what they would like us to add to the software. What we don't know is how many other people are interested in the idea. If you see something that looks interesting to you, vote for it. We prioritize features based upon the number of votes and the difficulty to implement. Knowing whether other people are interested in an idea or not helps us know if we should spend development time on it or on something else.


Show Schedule Notes on Last column when Schedule is Split

Copy Panel and Loads to New Project

Label Homeruns with Feeder IDs

Electrical RT

ComCheck Export For Revit

One-Line Export to Drafting Views

Add Disconnects to Equipment

Upsize Branch Circuits for Voltage Drop

Adjust Feeders and Branch Circuit Sizing Based on Derating


Add Leaders to Duct Text