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Design Master August 2017 Newsletter

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Freelance Engineering Consultant Competes on Accuracy, Quality and Speed with Design Master Electrical

Eric Aielli, PE is an electrical engineering consultant who focuses on retail rollout projects and similar jobs for a multi-state client base. Design quality and accuracy are paramount in this work, as is the ability to quickly and cost-effectively customize prototypes to meet design requirements specific to the site and jurisdiction. Mr. Aielli purchased Design Master Electrical immediately upon starting his company in 2015, having used the software as an employee at larger engineering firms for about ten years.

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Support Articles from the August Archives


Backing Up and Transferring Customization Files: How to back up or move your customization files.


Limit Where Ductwork Reduces in Size: How to modify your ductwork to have fewer transitions.


Changing Circuit Descriptions: How to change the description of a circuit, depending upon what is connected to it.
Doubled (or Tripled!) Loads in Panels: How to fix your project when the loads on your panels suddenly are doubled.
AIC Rating: How to set panel and other distribution equipment AIC ratings.