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Design Master July 2020 Newsletter

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Brian Muir to Lead July Revit Training

For our online training on July 9, Brian Muir will speak about his company's usage of our Electrical for Revit software, then field related questions.

Brian is the president of Muir Engineering Limited. He recently presented two sessions for Autodesk-sponsored Virtual Community Meetups: methods for using Revit when the architect does not provide a Revit model; and best practices for emergency lighting systems and how to handle these in Revit.

Complete details about attending the training are available on our website.

We also interviewed Brian for our latest customer story, which you can read below. He talks about how Muir Engineering initially purchased Design Master Electrical for Revit to help generate one-line diagrams, but they discovered many other uses for the software and incorporated them into their workflow. They now have a customized library that works with Design Master to automate circuit naming and breaker sizing.

Muir Engineering Keeps It in the (Revit) Family With Design Master Electrical RT

Brian Muir, P.Eng., and his company have offered electrical consulting services from the town of Comox on Vancouver Island since 2007. As “the only electrical engineering firm within 100 kilometers or so,” he and the rest of his small team at Muir Engineering take on a wide range of projects: commercial, educational, industrial, agricultural projects such as fisheries, high-voltage power lines, and more. For years, much of their building design workflow relied on the manual drafting tools and calculations offered by Autodesk; since 2017, however, their efficiency and quality control have improved significantly, thanks to Revit and Design Master Electrical RT.

Read more about Muir Engineering.

Online Training—Adjustments for Summer

A regular online training webinar is available every month for Design Master Electrical RT for Revit and Design Master Electrical for AutoCAD.

Electrical for Revit training is the 2nd Thursday of the month at 1:30pm Eastern.

Electrical for AutoCAD training is the 4th Thursday of the month at 1:30pm Eastern.
No Electrical for AutoCAD training in July and August

Complete details about the training are available on our website.

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View recordings of past trainings:

Here is the schedule for the next two months:

July 9, 2020: Electrical for Revit
Guest Speaker: Brian Muir
How Muir Engineering uses Design Master Electrical for Revit

August 13, 2020: Electrical for Revit
Answers to customer support questions

Documentation Updates

Training Videos

The following training videos have been added to the knowledge base: