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Design Master November 2021 Newsletter

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Revit Single-Line Diagrams Without Design Master

We are collecting feedback on how to do single-line diagrams in Revit without Design Master Electrical RT. If you could reply to this email with your tips, tricks, and best practices, we would appreciate it.

Do you currently use Design Master for single-line diagrams? Think back to before you were using our software. How were you doing single-line diagrams? What workflows were you using that were helpful?

Are you currently doing single-line diagrams in Revit manually? How are you handling the drafting? What tips do you have for keeping the information on the diagram up-to-date with the rest of the project? What Revit features are you using?

Please hit reply and let us know what you used to do or are currently doing. And if you know someone who does electrical design in Revit without Design Master, forward this request to them. Thanks!

Design Master Electrical Saves Tons of Time for Matthews Consulting & Design

For over twenty years, Jeff Matthews, PE, has provided electrical consulting services for projects ranging from industrial to healthcare to commercial, and everything in between. “Pretty much anything that requires power in the building and construction industry,” he says, “I’ve designed and worked on.”

At the start of the interview, Jeff remarked that Design Master Electrical “helped me catch up on a few things, so I’m able to do this interview now.” As it happens, it was a desire for more free time that first set him on the path to finding Design Master.

Read more about Matthews Consulting & Design, Inc.

Online Training On Hiatus

Online training will be on hiatus during the holidays and will resume in January 2022.

Recordings of past trainings are available on our website.

Documentation Updates

Training Videos

The following training videos have been added to the knowledge base:

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