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Design Master September 2022 Newsletter

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Electrical Mastermind

Join the Electrical Mastermind on September 8, 2022 at 1:30pm Eastern / 10:30am Pacific. David Robison will host a Zoom call to connect electrical professionals.

Come share what you are doing and learn from other engineers across the country.

David Robison will kick the meeting off this month with our take on the current state of the electrical industry. Then we will open the discussion up to you. You will have a chance to share a recent win and your biggest challenge. We will have a chance to learn how other people are tackling the same or similar challenges.

Use this link on September 8 to join the meeting.

Can't make the September date? The Electrical Mastermind will be held monthly on the 2nd Thursday. Hopefully you can join us October 13 or November 10.

Add the Electrical Mastermind to your calendar using these links:
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Electrical 8.7 & Photometrics 1.2 for AutoCAD Beta

The beta versions of Design Master Electrical 8.7 and Design Master Photometrics 1.2 will be available soon. The new features include vertical photometric calculations and other point-by-point photometrics improvements.

A complete list of new Electrical 8.7 features is available on our website.

A complete list of new Photometrics 1.2 features is available on our DM Photometrics website.

We are actively looking for feedback on the new features we have added. Reply to this email if you are interested in beta testing.

RB Consulting Engineers Uses Design Master Electrical to Transform the Skyline

When Ryan Bertalan founded his own electrical engineering firm in 2014, he had more industry experience than most: “I’ve been in this business my whole life. My father was an exec for a big electrical contractor out here in California, so I’ve had the background from day one.” Starting solo with a single Design Master Electrical license for AutoCAD, his business has expanded to (at the time of interview) eleven professionals with ten DM Electrical licenses between them. “Design Master is the reason we’re able to do that,” he says, referring to the growth of his business.

The company’s portfolio includes commercial and multifamily buildings, as well as industrial, manufacturing, and medical facilities, with scopes ranging anywhere from a simple remodel “all the way up to big manufacturing buildings or 20-story high-rises in downtown San Diego—I mean, we’re changing the skyline.” In late 2021, they finished work on a plant for Quidel: “We just finished a huge contract for a giant COVID test kit plant out in Carlsbad. They’re gonna make a billion test kit units in 2022. Using Design Master for the load calcs, the photometrics, and just getting it all tied together, streamlines that process. We only had four months to get it done because it was an Operation Warpspeed contract.” Ryan recalls that the level of efficiency afforded by Design Master also helped land the contract in the first place, explaining, “They said, ‘You’re not one of the big guys, but if you can get it done….’ We definitely handled it for that client, for the owner, for the architect who was pretty impressed by what we could turn out.”

Ryan knew to incorporate Design Master from his company’s inception because he’d worked with the software at a previous firm. “I was fortunate enough to be able to work in it, customizing the tools and things like that, so I quickly realized the power of what Design Master does.”

Read more about RB Consulting Engineers.

Online Training

A regular online training webinar is available every month for Design Master Electrical RT for Revit.

Complete details about the training and recordings of past trainings are available on our website.

Here is the schedule for the next two months:

September 15, 2022: Feeder IDs
Learn all about feeder IDs on your single-line diagram. See how we generate them, where we store them, and how you can reuse them across projects and users.

October 20, 2022: The Family Edit Command
See how you can modify your families to work better with Design Master.

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