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One-line Riser Diagrams

Turn to Design Master Electrical for your complete electrical design and drafting solution. It adds intelligence to your CAD-designed one-line diagrams.


Have you ever had a one-line diagram go out of sync with everything else after you made a change? It can cost thousands of dollars if the error is missed. It’s one of the risks connected with using AutoCAD or BricsCAD for design and an outside program to calculate feeder sizes or panel schedules.

That’s a problem Design Master Electrical solves. It integrates the design of riser diagrams (that you are already doing in your CAD program) with a powerful calculation engine. But more than that, our software lays the foundation for an interlinked electrical system. Every component you add to your plan will link back to your one-line diagram.

What does this mean for you? Your riser automatically ‘talks’ with your panel schedules and plans. The moment you connect a panel you can depend on Design Master Electrical to update your riser.

Design Master Offers Customization

The way you display your diagrams is a key component of your look. That’s why we offer so many customization options in Design Master. Our software empowers you to communicate your design intent, because it enables you to create one-lines in your company’s unique style.

Our graphics will feel like your graphics.

Design Master Automates Changes

Every project has changes come up. What happens in your current workflow when a change arises? Are you able to change your electrical model and have your one-line riser diagram automatically update for you?

With Design Master, changes take moments. The software keeps everything current by:

A change to your electrical model inserts new panels into your one-line riser diagram. And if you make changes to a panel, the one-line updates.

No longer is making a design change labor intensive. From the initial riser layout, you’ve laid down an integrated system where wire sizes, feeder sizes and other design components change as you modify your design.

No matter how many changes a project demands, Design Master ensures your electrical design stays consistent throughout your drawings.

“With Design Master, I can concentrate on the engineering and trust the software to handle the mundane tasks.”

Dana P. Lund, PE
D.P. Lund Company
Missoula, MT

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