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Lighting and Power Plans

Turn to Design Master Electrical for your complete electrical design and drafting solution. It simplifies drafting lighting and power plans.


Design Master is your bookkeeper. It tracks every aspect of your electrical plan. For example, everything you insert into a drawing is intelligent. Light fixtures, receptacles and switches all know their load and voltage, and whether they are circuited or not.

Just connect devices to a panel. Design Master adds the load automatically.

Need to delete a device? Design Master removes it from the panel and recalculates automatically.

Design Master Automates Every Electrical Schedule

Design Master integrates lighting and power plans into more than one schedule. For example, if you make changes to a light fixture, it updates more than the plan. It refreshes the panel schedule and the light fixture schedule. All the schedules affected by the change stay current.

Design Master Adapts to Your Drafting Standards

It took time to establish your drafting standards, so we added graphics customization to Design Master. It’s easy to change the layers, blocks, and text styles to match the current look of your drawings.

“Design Master Electrical is the greatest value for the money of anything that I’ve ever purchased for my company.”

Wayne Beard, President
Engineering Design Consultants
Lakeland, TN

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