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Heating and Cooling Load Calculations

Turn to Design Master HVAC for your HVAC design and drafting solution. It keeps track of your building definition and performs load calculations based upon that information.


Typically, calculating heating and cooling loads means plugging room dimensions, wall lengths, and various influencing factors into a program separate from your drafting; that’s assuming you already know those figures and don’t need to do the measurements yourself using the architect’s drawings. If the architect starts adding and removing windows or changes the wall material, you could be back at square one.

With Design Master, you can fully define your building and perform load calculations by drafting over the architect’s drawings. Trace the outline of a room to determine its dimensions, then adjust its properties, from airflow requirements to wall materials to partitions to doors and windows to the expected number of people and activity level. You have the same level of control over floors, zones, and overall project information such as the building’s geographical location and temperature ranges.

Design Master Generates Reports

Once you’ve defined your building, in a matter of minutes you can calculate and generate print-ready reports for heating and cooling loads, ventilation schedules, psychrometrics, and more. You can also add load calculation maps to your drawings to visualize your loads or zone designations.

“The great thing about Design Master is that you can be designing as you're drawing. It speeds the whole process up tremendously.”

Joe Green
Greenco of Augusta, Inc
Augusta, GA

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