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Duct and Diffuser Layout

Turn to Design Master HVAC for your complete HVAC design and drafting solution. It adds intelligence to your ductwork layout.


Your typical design workflow probably looks something like this: you draft your ductwork in one program, then enter data into one or more additional programs to calculate duct sizing, load calculations, etc. If something needs to be changed, you then need to account for that change in your drafting and in each program.

With Design Master, everything is integrated into the drafting process. A duct centerline isn’t just a line anymore; elevations, sizing criteria, double line settings, fittings, and connections to diffusers are tracked and accounted for. If you make a change, any affected callouts, calculations, and duct sizes are updated.

Design Master Provides Intelligent Diffusers

Design Master gives you intelligent diffusers that connect to your ductwork and respond to adjustments in CFM ranges. You can set the CFM at the diffuser and use it to size your ductwork and measure pressure loss. Design Master’s diffuser schedules let you define all of your diffusers and transfer them between projects.

Design Master Offers Customization

Each engineering firm has its own conventions for duct design and drafting. That’s why Design Master lets you control how your diffusers and callouts look, which fittings are used when drafting ductwork, and more. Set up your customization once and it will be used in future projects, which means less time spent on drafting details and more time spent on the design.

“The software gives us a big competitive advantage by saving time and eliminating errors.”

Will Kidd
Maxfield Consulting
Dallas, TX

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