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CFM and Sizing Calculations

Turn to Design Master HVAC for your complete HVAC design and drafting solution. It calculates the right airflow volumes and duct sizes for your system.


When it comes to sizing ductwork, you probably rely on a ductulator (or its digital equivalent) to determine the dimensions for your ducts. The initial data entry and calculation is time-consuming enough, but the smallest change also forces you to repeat the entire process. What if you could set the relevant values for each duct and diffuser as you draft, then perform the calculation and size your ducts with a single command?

With Design Master, as you draft you can set the CFM required for each diffuser, whether each duct is sized to maintain velocity, pressure drop, or static pressure, as well as how and whether the shape of the duct changes during sizing. When you’re ready to calculate, simply run the command and the ducts will be sized according to the values you set. Need to change a single duct or diffuser in the system? Make the revision at that location and recalculate – the software will handle how the change affects other ductwork in the system.

“Design Master lets me focus my attention on the design, rather than developing the documentation and tracking calculations.”

J. Mosby West, PE
JMW Professional Engineers
Irvington, VA

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