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Pressure Loss Calculations

Turn to Design Master HVAC for your HVAC design and drafting solution. It calculates the pressure loss in your system.


Your current workflow when calculating pressure loss probably involves entering information about a single duct into a calculator, logging the results in a separate program, then repeating for every duct in the system, all while using yet another program for drafting. Need to determine and analyze the critical path in a branch, or revise the design? Even more tedious data entry and calculation.

With Design Master, pressure loss calculations based upon your drafted layout are a few clicks away. Specify the branch and the pressure loss will be calculated using the information you entered while drafting the ductwork. In addition, the critical path will be determined and highlighted, and each duct in the path labeled and analyzed in a pressure drop report on the drawing. Revisions are a snap: simply make the changes and recalculate.

“We don’t have pieces of the project – Excel schedules and this and that – laying all over the place. It’s all rolled up in Design Master.”

Crawford Murphy
Red Claw Engineers
Canton, GA

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