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Electrical RT 2.1.3 Beta

New and Updated Features

Design Master Electrical RT 2.1.3 Features



Enter your email address to see the link to the installer. We like to keep track of who has installed the beta in case we need to contact you.

Run the installer like a normal update.

The beta will replace the current version of Design Master Electrical RT on the computer. It is not possible to run the current version and the beta at the same time.

Install the beta on all of the computers running Design Master Electrical RT at your office. The beta updates projects that it is used on. These updated projects cannot be worked on with previous versions of the software.

Contact us if you do not want to install the beta on all of the computers at your office. How you manage a split installation depends on the specifics of how your company is using the software.


Before participating in the beta, make sure you have a robust backup system in place. At minimum, make sure you can easily retrieve a copy of a project from yesterday, last week, and last month.

Prepare for Frequent Updates

We will regularly release new versions of the beta. These updates are installed using our regular installer. Make sure that you can easily and regularly install new versions of the software on all of your computers.

Bug Risk

Use your discretion before installing this software. We support its use on active projects, but there is the possibility you will run into bugs. We will do our best to fix them as quickly as possible.

If you have a project going out tomorrow, we recommend you wait to install the beta until after your deadline has passed.