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Voltage Drop

ElectroBIM is an add-in for Revit that calculates voltage drop between panels.


The voltage drop calculations use the feeder and branch circuit conductors sizes set using ElectroBIM.

Feeder and branch circuit lengths are calculated based upon the position of electrical equipment in the Revit model. You can override the length of specific feeders when the calculated length is not correct.

A schedule of the voltage drop on each feeder can be created and viewed in Revit. Voltage drops that exceed 3% are highlighted in the schedule, showing you where you need to upsize your wires.

The voltage drop is calculated using industry standard formulas.

“I can give [ElectroBIM] to somebody who’s not an engineer, and it’ll help them put out engineer-quality calculations.”

Jay Nieman, Preconstruction Manager
Collins Electrical Co
Stockton, CA

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