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Space vs Spare: The default unused circuit settings can be changed. The description can either be SPACE or SPARE. The breaker can either be the smallest standard breaker, typically 20A, or none. There are four possible settings:

To change this value, go to DM Electrical->Customization->Options->Edit Project List, scroll down to the the Miscellaneous section, and set the Unused Circuit Description value. After you have changed the value, use the Update One Line Device Schedules command to update your schedules with the new value.

Default Circuit Layer Systems: You can choose what the default layer system for your circuits will be. You can choose a specific layer system, or have it use the same layer system as the one line device that the circuit is on.

To change the default value, go to DM Electrical->Customization->Options->Edit Project List, scroll down to the Homerun Options section, and set the Default Circuit Layer System value.

Swap Circuit Command: The new Swap Circuit command allows you to swap two circuits from any two one line devices. In order for the swap to be allowed, the voltage and number of poles of the circuits must match. This command can be used to balance the load on a panel during the design of a project or to update circuits to create an as-built after a project is finished.

Fixed Copy and Increment: There were a number of bugs in the copy and increment command that have been fixed.

Branch Circuit Wire Sizing: The branch circuit wire size is automatically sized to be at least as large as the branch circuit breaker. It is possible to override this by setting the branch circuit wire size directly.

Ground Tick Mark at Back: The ground tick mark can be in the back of the tick mark groups. The Ground Location setting can be found in the Options command under the Homerun Options section.

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