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One Line Devices

New Voltages: The list of available voltages has been expanded to include international low voltages, US medium voltages, and under 50V voltages. View the complete list of new voltages.

Transfer switches and UPS taps: The number of taps on transfer switches and UPS's can be set. Previously, it was fixed at one for both of these types of devices.

Generator and UPS AIC: The AIC Rating column in the fault schedule is left blank for generators and UPS's. Previously, a default value of 22,000 was being displayed.

Exclude One Line Device from Fault, Feeder, or Voltage Drop Schedules: All one line devices have checkboxes that can be used to toggle whether or not the device is displayed in the fault, feeder, or voltage drop schedules.

Transformer Sizes: The following transformer sizes are now available: 3, 5, and 7.5 kva.

One Line Device Schedules: A schedule similar to a panel schedule can be inserted for all one line devices. Like a panel schedule, it lists the one line device description, what is connected to it, and the total load.

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