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Project Drawing and Database Maintenance

Multiple Alignment Points: You can insert multiple alignment points in a single drawing.

The first alignment point in a drawing is the default alignment point. All other alignment points are associated with an area. All devices in the area use that alignment point.

To insert additional alignment points, use the Insert Alignment Point command. If there is already an alignment point in the drawing, you will be prompted for the area for the additional alignment point.

Recover Drawings are Handled Automatically: When Design Master detects AutoCAD has crashed and you are using a recover drawing, it takes steps to make sure that the new drawing and the database are kept in-sync.

Automatic Project Backup: Design Master automatically makes a backup of your project in two situations:

These backups can be safely deleted if your project is working.

Projects Work When Master Database is Corrupted: When the master database is corrupted, commands that involve only the current project continue to work. Commands involving the master database will not. This improvement allows you to continue working on existing projects while we help you recover your master database.

The Alignment Point Can be Removed from Non-Design Master Drawings: The new command DM Electrical->Utilities->Remove All Alignment Points will remove all of the Design Master alignment points from the current drawing. This command is useful when an alignment point has accidentaly been inserted on a drawing that does not have any Design Master Electrical entities on it. Previously, it was difficult to remove the alignment point from these drawings.   

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