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Copy and Paste: Design Master supports all forms of copy, cut, and paste. To use this new feature, use standard Windows copy, cut, and paste functions.

Copy and Paste Between Projects: Entities can be copied from drawings in one project to drawings in another. The schedule entry for the device is also copied to the new project. If a callout already exists that exactly matches the device that is being copied, it is used. Otherwise, a new entry is created in the schedule.

One line diagram entities that are copied to another project do not create a new one line device. You should use the Change One Line Device command to point the copied one line diagram entity to an already existing one line device in the new project.

Enter to Close All Dialogs: Pressing ENTER in any dialog will close it as if you pressed the OK button. This feature only works on dialogs that have an OK button. To use this feature, press ENTER when you are in a dialog to close it instead of clicking OK.

Resizable Dialog Boxes: Some dialog boxes can now be resized. Look for the Design Master icon in the top-left of the dialog. If it appears, the dialog can be resized.  

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