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Revit MEP Comparison: One-Line Riser Diagrams

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Tired of not having a one-line riser diagram in Revit? Us too. Rather than continue to complain about it, we’ve decided to fix it ourselves.

ElectroBIM adds single-line diagrams to Revit.

Original Article

Continuing our comparison of Design Master with Revit MEP, let’s look at how the two programs handle one-line riser diagrams.

Revit MEP

Here’s a request for a Revit user that they be added, hopefully in the next release, though he doesn’t expect them for another year or two.

Here’s a blog post from 2008 that suggests some workarounds for creating one-line diagrams in Revit.

Design Master Electrical

In Design Master Electrical, one-line riser diagrams are built in. Like Revit MEP, our software didn’t have a one-line feature in our first release in 2001. However, we added one-line riser diagrams in 2004.

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To learn more about Design Master Electrical, contact us for a free demonstration and 30-day trial. The only way to make an educated decision about Design Master Electrical and Revit MEP is to actually try them both and see how they work for you.