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Revit MEP Comparison: Switches and Support

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

(Part of our ongoing series comparing features in Revit MEP and Design Master to make it clear why our software is better.)

I’m not sure whether this comparison should focus on the difference in switches or support between Revit MEP and Design Master Electrical. Frustrated jboone is having trouble with switches and asks a question on the Revit support forum:

As I am learning in revit that switches are very difficult to work with.  Especially since I have done everything I thought I needed to do to them.


Apparently switches are frustrating in Revit MEP. If you read the help from julianjameson8403, they eventually get everything working, but in a less than desirable state. The conclusion they reach is “Perhaps the Switch System is a placeholder for something later on down the line in the development of Revit MEP?”

In Design Master Electrical, our switches won’t be confused for a placeholder. Devices know what switch they are on, switch groups are labeled automatically, and switch tick marks are correctly inserted for both simple individual switches, and 3-way and 4-way switches.

Training and Support

Just as interesting as the difficulty jboone has with switches is the response he gets from Autodesk. The one comment from an Autodesk employee is “How much training did you get on Revit MEP before diving in?” The implication being that maybe all his problems are because jboone doesn’t know how to use the software. There was no attempt to help this poor user struggling to use the software.

We handle things a little different at Design Master. If you post a question to our forums, you can expect an answer from us, not hope you get a reply from another user. We ask clarifying questions to make sure we understand. We’ll take a look at a sample project to figure out where your are having trouble and help get you moving forward on your project again. If it’s really tricky, we’ll look you up in our customer database and call you on the phone to discuss the issue.

And you are not limited to forum support. You can call our phone support line and talk to real person about your issue. We will stay on the line until you are satisfied you have a solution to your problem. Take a look at these quotes from our customers about the support we offer:

“Their tech support people really knew my business and understood my questions.”
Al Bellefleur, Division 16 Electrical Estimating

“The customer support has been there for us every time. Every question or issue we’ve had with the software has been addressed within a day or a couple of days at the most.”
Tim Locklear, ELEN Consulting

“Design Master Software’s support staff has always been very helpful in tending to our specific design needs.”
Joshua Lukacs, Design West

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