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Design Master September 2010 Newsletter

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MEP 3D-BIM Survey

Everyone is talking about building information modeling, 3D collision detection, and Revit, but is anyone actually using it? We want to take a snapshot of where the MEP industry is in the process of adopting these new technologies. We would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to fill out our survey. The results will be discussed in a newsletter later this year.

(Editor's note: This survey was closed at the end of September. Read about the results in our MEP 3D-BIM Survey Results article.)

Do You Use Social Media?

Do you use social media, such as blogs, twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, for professional purposes? If you do, we would appreciate it if you reply to this email and let us know the following:

(Editor's note: We received no replies to this when the newsletter was originally sent out, prompting us to run an actual survey to see what social media our customers used. You can read the results of that survey in our November newsletter.)

Customer Story: Division 16 Electrical Estimating

Our customer story for September 2010 is Division 16 Electrical Estimating.

Forgotten Features

This monthly column highlights one feature from each of our programs that we consider "forgotten." Either you knew about them but have forgotten that it is a part of software or never knew it existed in the first place. Hopefully you will learn about or rediscover a feature that you can use on your next project.

These are very brief overviews of the features rather than detailed tutorials on how to use them. If you have specific questions on a feature's use, let us know in the article comments, on the forums, or by sending us an email.

HVAC: Static Regain

Electrical: Equipment Connections

Plumbing: Pipe Risers

Design Master and AutoCAD for Mac? No.

We have no plans to support Design Master HVAC, Electrical or Plumbing on AutoCAD for Mac.

Recent Support Blog Posts

We have a support blog on our website where we provide answers to questions we receive about our software. You can use the search box on our website to see if a question you have about our software has already been answered.

Here are the posts from the last month.


Backing Up and Transferring Customization Files


Changing Circuit Descriptions
Updating Panel Schedule Block Already on the Drawing
Homerun Wire Callout and Tick Mark Options
Doubled (or Tripled!) Loads in Panels
How to Set Panel and Other One-Line Device AIC Rating


People Diversity in Load Calculations
Limit Where Ductwork Reduces in Size


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Photometrics for AutoCAD

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