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Selective Coordination

Turn to Design Master Electrical for your complete electrical design and drafting solution. It generates time-current curves for selective coordination in your project.


Design Master Electrical lets you perform selective coordination within your CAD program — no external tools required.

Select time-current curves from a growing database and assign them to the breakers in your project. Don’t see your breakers? Just use the Custom Curve function to draw the curves yourself and save them for later use.

Design Master Generates Selective Coordination Graphs

With Design Master, you can easily overlay multiple time-current curves onto a selective coordination graph. Determine at a glance whether your breakers are properly coordinated. Making changes are as simple as setting a new curve at the breaker and updating the graph.

“I can work with a smaller team, make more money, get the projects I want, and turn changes around quickly for clients.”

Dave Jackson, founder
Stockton, CA

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