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OCP Trip Value Not Changing

Posted on February 26th, 2024. Last updated on March 26th, 2024.

Problem: When you change the OCP Trip field in the Panel Edit or Circuit Edit command, the change is not stored. Schedules that display the OCP trip are incorrect, and if you edit the device or circuit again, the OCP Trip value has not changed.

Cause: The OCP Trip value is stored in the Revit Rating parameter for the circuit. If ElectroBIM cannot write to the parameter, the value entered is not stored. There are two common reasons for this behavior:

  • The Rating parameter has been associated with another parameter. In the Revit Properties panel, associated parameters will display “=” on the right side of the row. Associated parameters cannot be directly written to.
  • The Revit Wire Type parameter is empty, set to <none>, or set to a wire type that is not fully defined in the Revit Electrical Settings command. If a valid Wire Type has not been assigned to the circuit, Revit will not allow changes to the Rating parameter.

Solution: Check the parameters for the circuit. Make sure the Rating parameter is not associated with another parameter and the Wire Type parameter has a valid wire type set.

NOTE: Most of the information in the Wire Type is not used by ElectroBIM, but values such as the material must be populated. The wire type you assign to the circuit is only relevant when setting whether the feeder or branch circuit in ElectroBIM will have a neutral. See the Neutrals page in the user manual for more information.

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