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General Changes

Design Master Electrical 6.2 is a minor upgrade to DM Elec 6.1. It adds a number of small features to the program.

New Features

Switch leg and traveler tick marks can use a block different from the hot tick mark.

Schedule note defaults can be stored in the master database. These can be edited by going to DM Electrical->Customization->Labels->Standards and Master Lists->Edit Default Schedule Notes. The default notes will automatically be copied to all new projects when they are started.

Shorter wire size descriptions can be displayed for each circuit in the panel schedule. To use this feature, you need to add a new attribute to the block used for circuits in your panel schedule. The attribute should be called WIRE1 for odd circuits or taps and WIRE2 for even circuits. It can be inserted using the DM Electrical->Customization->Insert One Line Device Schedule Attribute command.

The Print Blocks command (DM Electrical->Customization->Print Blocks) will print a copy of all the blocks in a list. This command allows you to quickly review the list of blocks that you have available in your customization files.

A direct link to Preston Resseguie was added to the help menu. Preston was recently hired to help with customer support.

Improved Features

Double-clicking on a circuit in the Circuiting dialog allows you to circuit devices to that circuit.

The Receptacle insertion command remembers the previous settings when inserting a new receptacle.

The Light Fixture and Receptacle Schedules have been updated.

Light fixture notes can be as long as necessary. To enter long notes, press the Edit button to the right of the edit field. Enter as much text as you would like in the dialog that appears. Multiple lines of text can be entered, also. The changes to the light fixture schedule will ensure that the text fits nicely in the schedule.

When creating new blocks, you have the option to automatically add it to a block list and to a schedule if appropriate. You will be prompted to do this at the end of the Create Plan View Blocks from Entities command.

The Highlight Uncircuited Devices command does not highlight devices with a 0 load.

The Find Circuit button on the Circuiting dialog will list the drawing that a circuit is on if it is not the current drawing.

The Compact and Repair Database command now works on the current database. It is no longer necessary to close and reopen AutoCAD to make this command work.

Bug Fixes

Equipment leaders can be toggled on and off properly.

Motor Control Centers can have the main breaker size specified.

Match Labels matches the leader settings of any labels on a block. It also matches the rotation angle of homerun labels.


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