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Original Release Notes

Released September 25, 2006.

Design Master Electrical 6.3 is a minor upgrade from Design Master Electrical 6.2.

Compatible with Design Master HVAC 5.0

Design Master Electrical can once again be run in the same profile as Design Master HVAC. For customers who use both programs, it is no longer necessary to juggle multiple profiles.

New File Extension

The extension on Design Master databases has been changed from MDB to DM. When you backup your projects, make sure that this new extension is included.

The change provides improved compatibility with Windows Briefcases.

Light Fixture Query Layer System

When a light fixture is queried, the current layer system is show in the dialog.

One Line Device Connections

120V 1P 2W one line devices can be connected to any other one line device, not just transformers.

Drawing Load Time

The reactor load sequence has been updated and now loads up to twice as fast as before.


The toolbar icons has been improved to be more consistent. Buttons were added for almost every command found on the DM Electrical pulldown menu.

Some new toolbars will automatically appear in AutoCAD. These can be docked or removed, depending upon your needs.

Use these instructions about displaying toolbars to add or remove the toolbars in AutoCAD.

The Circuiting and Homeruns toolbar is an example of an existing toolbar that has been updated:

The Device Schedules toolbar is an example of a new toolbar that includes commands previously found only on the pulldown menu:

Excel Link

The Excel Link has been updated to look for DM files instead of MDB files when selecting a Design Master database.

The database name needs to be manually updated in existing workbooks that link to Design Master.

  1. Open your workbook in Excel.
  2. Select the DM Elec tab.
  3. Select the cell where the database path is listed. This is typically B1.
  4. Change the MDB at the end of the path to DM.

Third Load on Light Fixtures

A third load has been added to light fixtures to handle lights with three ballasts.

Circuit Starting Phase

The starting phase on one and two pole circuits in one line devices other than panels can be changed from the A phase. This feature allows you to properly balance the load on these one line devices.

Customization Folder

A new folder called "Electrical Customization" now exists in your Design Master folder. All of the default customization is stored there. Any customization from the previous release was moved there.

To backup your customizations to Design Master, you only need to backup this folder. The files in the main Design Master folder can all be restored by reinstalling Design Master.

Install Folder

A new folder called "Install" now exists in your Design Master folder. It contains an install drawing, plus a number of VLX files. These VLX files automatically configure AutoCAD to work with Design Master.


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