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Original Release Notes

Released October 13, 2008

The following is a list of new and updated features and bugs that were fixed in Design Master HVAC 6.1. The major new feature for this release is compatibility with Design Master Plumbing. The other changes are small improvements to existing features or fixes to bugs reported by customers.

Plumbing Compatibility

This version of Design Master HVAC is compatible with the new Design Master Plumbing software. It is required to upgrade to this version of DM HVAC before installing DM Plumbing.


Fitting Will Not Work Error: The error message alerting you to the fact that a fitting will not work at a specific location is displayed at the command line instead of in a dialog box. This will prevent the message from interrupting your workflow.

Pair-of-Pants Fitting: The lining is now inserted on the correct layer.

Automatic Fittings: The transition tee now works as an automatic fitting when ducts are angled.

Square Elbow Pressure Drop: The pressure drop in square elbows with turning vanes has been reduced slightly.

Drawing-to-Drawing Ducts

Elevation: The drawing-to-drawing function prompts you for the starting elevation on the second drawing.

Draw Double Line (Branch): This command now works when used to select a branch that includes a drawing-to-drawing duct.


Automatic Insertion: The first time you insert a schedule, you must specify an insertion location. After that, the schedule is automatically inserted in the current location when it is updated. You no longer have to press ENTER to have it insert in its current location.

To move a schedule that is already on the drawing, use the AutoCAD move command.

Round Diffuser: The diameter of round diffusers is displayed properly in the diffuser schedule.

Load Calculations

IMC Ventilation: The IMC ventilation calculation now works when used with rooms that require only heating.

Dialog Box Usability

Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts have been added to buttons on most dialogs. Pressing ALT plus the underlined letter on the button will act the same as pressing that button.

Project Submission

Project Submission: There is a new command on the menu, DM HVAC->Help->Send Project to Design Master Support. This command will zip up the current drawing and database and email it directly to us. You have option to include a message with the file. We often request that you send your project to us so that we can troubleshoot difficult problems. This command will make it easier for you to send us the files that we need.

Bug Submission: When Design Master HVAC crashes, you will be given the opportunity to send the project and crash information to us. This works the same as the Project Submission command. We encourage you to send in these crash reports. We read every crash report that comes in and can typically solve the problem and send you a fix for it the next day. At the very least, we will send you an email acknowledging the problem and help you find a way to work around it.

Coordinate Drawing and Database

Coordinate Backup: The Coordinate Drawing and Database command now creates a backup of the current drawing and database before it is run.

Master and Standards Databases

Read-Only Support: Read-only files are supported for master and standards database. You no longer need read-write access to the master and standards databases to start or work in a project. You can use this feature to limit access to the master and standards databases.


Layer Creation:  Creating a new layer system and immediately trying to insert a diffuser or duct on that layer system in the drawing now works.


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