Duct Layout

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Design Master HVAC makes it easy for a designer or engineer to lay out their ductwork in AutoCAD.  You can focus on the ‘big picture’ as you design your HVAC system and not get bogged down with constant data entry.

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Simple Duct Centerlines

The centerline concept makes it simple to lay out a complete duct design.  You are encouraged to think like a designer, not like a drafter.  The layout tools are so fast that you can experiment with multiple layouts and still meet your deadlines.  The software will insert the proper fittings later.

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Double-Line Ductwork

Why draw a single line when you can draw two? Automatic double line ductwork makes your design intent clear and easy for other disciplines to understand. 

Single-Line Ductwork

Even in the era of 3D drafting, there are still times when a simple, single-line representation of your duct system is a useful tool, especially when printing ½ size drawing sets.

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Hidden Lines Draw Automatically

Each duct knows its elevation. Hidden lines are drawn automatically when two ducts cross over each other.

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