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Design Master HVAC 4.5.10

Released January 17, 2006

When copying diffusers, it is possible to create a diffuser that is incorrectly linked to a duct in the database. A number of diffuser connection errors that have been reported to us can be traced back to this specific bug. This patch fixes this bug and should result in fewer diffuser connection problems.

Design Master HVAC 4.5.7

Design Master HVAC 4.5.6

Major Changes

Faster Double-Line Redraw!

This is by far the most significant change from which everyone will benefit. The practice job that we use for demos now draws 5 times faster than it used to. You should see similar speed improvements in your other drawings.

More Precise Building Load Calculations

Building load calculations now calculate the load for each hour and give you the peak of that (rather than using only 8:00 AM, noon, and 4:00 PM).

You can also calculate the load for multiple months, if you want to check for non-July peaks. To do this, go to DM Building->Project Info. In the bottom right, you now have the option to set high dry bulb and web bulb temperatures for each month. If you select a new city, all of these numbers for each month will be inserted.

Doing calculations for 24 hours each day times 12 months can take longer than before, so it is recommended that you unselect any months for which you do not want to calculate the load. Months without a temperature will be skipped during the calculations.

Better Load Calculation Printing

The load calculation output has been improved to be easier to read and use less paper. The output uses HTML for its format, which means that your web browser can be used for a print preview.

We have posted a sample of the new load calculation output that you can view online.

Improved Vertical Ducts

Vertical duct fittings have been greatly improved.

All your existing fittings should draft correctly. However, going forward, vertical ducts should for the be treated like horizontal ducts. Rather than using the Vertical fitting, use the other fittings to insert the actual fittings that would be used.

The Vertical fitting has been replaced with the Shaded Vertical fitting. This should be inserted only when you want your vertical duct to be shaded. If you don't want it shaded, use another fitting (an end cap, or the new Reset to Automatic Fitting command). For ducts that coming from the AHU to the current drawing, you will need to insert an extra vertical duct so that you have one duct to put the shaded vertical fitting on and the other duct to put the elbow or branch fitting on.

New Fittings

There are two new fitting buttons. The first is called Reset to Automatic Fitting. This command removes the fitting you have inserted at a duct intersection and replaces it with an automatically selected fitting.

Offset fittingThe second is the Offset fitting, displayed in the picture to the right. Rather than using elbows at the two intersections, you insert the Offset fitting at the first one, circled in red. Design Master HVAC will then draw a straight connection between the two connected ducts.

New Duct Macros

Three new duct macros were added to assist you in drafting your centerlines. They can all be found under the DM HVAC->Duct Macros menu or on the Duct Macros toolbar.

Minor Changes

Design Master HVAC 4.5.5

Design Master HVAC 4.5.4

Design Master HVAC 4.5.3

Design Master HVAC 4.5.1


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