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Single-Line Diagrams
In Revit

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One-Line Riser Diagrams

A fundamental part of the electrical design process, this one-line diagram feature in ElectroBIM will save significant Revit engineering time by allowing sheets to always have the same information and thereby eliminate duplication errors. Additionally, our feature sets provide electrical engineers consistency in their riser diagram drawings by using shared parameters that update automatically with revisions and allow for more prompt responses by architects.

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Voltage Drop

Advanced electrical design projects require feeders and branch circuits to maintain an acceptable voltage level. In ElectroBIM, voltage drop is calculated using the selected wire sizes, and feeder and branch circuit lengths are calculated based on equipment location in Revit. Concise documentation of the calculated values is possible with the voltage drop schedule, and engineers can see that voltage drop is monitored in all areas of the project.

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Fault Calculations

Unlike performing common manual fault calculations, ElectroBIM simplifies the process by allowing for easy location of panel and connection configurations and calculations for the available fault current of electrical equipment placed directly in the Revit model. Additionally, the fault current schedule lets engineers document the appropriate fault current and AIC rating and ensure feeder lengths provide accurate distances between panels for fault analysis.

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Read how electrical engineers feel about ElectroBIM – from one-man shops to international firms

McMillan Electric

“It’s just incredible how easy it is to have ElectroBIM layer on top of our projects and work with all of our families.

- McMillan Electric

McMahon Associates

“As long as you start with good information at the utility, you’re matching some of these very high-powered programs, and we’re able to do it in Revit.”

- McMahon Associates


“I can’t imagine designing in Revit without ElectroBIM.”

- David Scott, Amteck

Muir Engineering

“I can set up a Revit family and know that … the breaker will come up correctly, and the circuit description will be something useful.”

- Brian Muir, Muir Engineering

Collins Electrical Company

“ElectroBIM eliminated so many steps. … Instead of doing A through Z, let’s do A, B, and C, and we’re done.”

- Jay Nieman, Collins Electrical Company

Sea-Tac Electric, Inc.

“ElectroBIM cuts our design time just about in half.

- Corey McKinnon, Sea-Tac Electric, Inc.

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Other ElectroBIM Features

In addition to the highlights above, ElectroBIM provides more valuable features to enhance your Revit design workflow.

Feeder Sizing


Allows for complete control, customization, and automatic sizing based on the required overcurrent protection.

Learn more about feeder sizing. . .

Branch Circuit Breaker and Wire Sizing


Breakers are sized automatically based on the load connected to the branch circuit, and wire sizing is based on the calculated breaker size.

Learn more about branch circuit breaker and wire sizing. . .

Arc-Flash Calculations


Incident energy is calculated for every panel in a project, and a schedule of it and the required PPE is published into Revit.

Learn more about arc-flash. . .

Selective Coordination


A time-current curves database allows for easy assignment of project breakers, and it's possible to graph multiple curves onto a graph to quickly see if breakers are accurately coordinated.

Learn more about selective coordination. . .

ElectroBIM integration with EVOLVE

It’s also possible for EVOLVE users to benefit from the versatility offered by ElectroBIM. Transfer conduit sizes and other information to EVOLVE Electrical, and pull wire lengths from EVOLVE into ElectroBIM.

System Requirements

The latest release of ElectroBIM runs on Revit 2020 and later.

Visit this page for information about support on older versions of Revit.

ElectroBIM Release Notes