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Copy and Increment Circuits

The Copy and Increment Circuits command allows you to simultaneously copy a device that is circuited and circuit the copied device.

To copy a device and circuit the copy, go to
Ribbon: DM Electrical→Devices→  Copy and Increment Circuits
Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical→Modify Devices→Copy and Increment Circuits

You will be prompted to select the devices to be copied.

Select objects:

You will then be prompted to specify a location for the new devices.

Specify base point:
Specify second point:

The Increment Circuits dialog box will appear.

Increment Circuits Dialog Box

The Increment Circuits dialog box is broken into two sections, separated by the arrow (->) column.

The left section lists information about the circuits connected to the devices being copied. Each circuit being copied is listed. The associated Panel ☰, Breaker ☰, Load ☰, and Description ☰ for the circuit are also displayed.

The right section lists the circuit to which the new devices will be connected. You can change the Panel ▾, Circuit ▾, and Description columns for each circuit.